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Doing away with our AGM

           Many of us will have attended an AGM that was barely quorate and/or hopelessly dull. If this suggestion takes off then many organisations will surely follow…

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In principle, your Annual General Meeting should be about engagement, accountability and procedure. But if it doesn’t deliver that in practice, it’s time to think again, says Vicky Browning, ACEVO’s CEO

It was an off-hand comment from a member that sealed the deal for me. As we waited anxiously for confirmation that ACEVO’s 2018 AGM was quorate before we could kick off proceedings, I thanked her for coming along.

“Oh I’m only here so you’ll come to mine,” she said breezily.

Which got me thinking about what AGMs were for, why we need them and whether there wasn’t a better way than corralling 25 reluctant people into a room to talk about what we did as an organisation over a year ago.

Procedure, engagement and accountability

It seems to me that an AGM has three purposes – procedure, engagement and accountability.

The procedure bit is basically backing what’s already been…

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Ensuring robust data security is more than good practice, it also keeps you legal

So your organisation is the victim of a crime, yet you end up paying a six figure fine of your own. Implausible? Not quite, for that is precisely what happened to a charity when thieves stole personal data from its network.  Back in 2016, hackers used ransomeware against the Swindon-based British and Foreign Bible Society… Continue reading Ensuring robust data security is more than good practice, it also keeps you legal


Brexit explained (sort of)…

So tonight Parliament is having another attempt at reaching a consensus on Brexit. But whatever the outcome, the government is showing little sign that any alternatives would be acceptable. The loudest advocates for Brexit, a collection of neo-liberals and far-right activists, seem unlikely to settle for anything other than complete withdrawal from the EU without… Continue reading Brexit explained (sort of)…