I’m relocating to Scotland. Here’s why…

Photo of the Scottish border with England

At the start of 2019, Green Pepper was looking forwards to another busy year…. but a move to Scotland was not on the horizon. Yet that is precisely what will happen in the next four weeks or so, because I am relocating to Kelso in the Scottish Borders local authority area. 

Much of the motivation for this is personal, with my partner and I looking forwards to an exciting future in the beautiful Scottish countryside. But for Green Pepper it will bring new opportunities to work with the voluntary sector in Scotland. 

There is no doubt that the sector is going through an uncertain time at present. Commissioners and funders are squeezing budgets, while the elephant in the room – Brexit – looks set for a no-deal outcome. Indeed, with Boris Johnson and his followers now in control of things, I’m even less certain of a positive future. So alongside our hopes for a healthier, quieter lifestyle, the idea of distancing ourselves from toxic English nationalism is just added value. And even though Westminster has far too much influence on Scotland, at least local politics will be more representative (with proportional representation at local and Scottish Parliament level).

Of course, Green Pepper will have to find and build new contacts and partnerships, but I am confident I can help a wide variety of organisations in Scotland. What’s more, I hope also that Green Pepper can run a range of free and low-cost webinars in 2020. So if you have any suggested webinar topics, please let me know.

Sadly, with this move, I will be leaving behind a host of excellent organisations and people, some of whom helped me enormously when I started Green Pepper. To them, and those organisations with whom I worked in a successful partnership, I am truly grateful; and I wish you every success in the future. I have spoken to many of you so this will not come as a complete surprise. But to any clients who I have missed, thank you for your support, and my very best wishes.

So it is all change going forwards. I am both excited and nervous, but I’m ready for the challenge. Only our little Westie seems non-plussed at the moment, but that will change once we start to pack!

One thought on “I’m relocating to Scotland. Here’s why…

  1. ccvsblog says:

    Good luck David, just when we had found a great new trainer!
    I am sure you will find many clients eager to make the most of your skills. Keep us informed about the webinars.
    Thanks, Mark and all the team.


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