Taking training online…to keep on working

baby using laptop computer

Not surprisingly, there has been significant growth in the use of digital communication and other platforms as many of us adapt to working from home. So when it comes to training, a move to online delivery of courses is perhaps inevitable.

To be honest, I’ve been somewhat reluctant to take this step due to the fact that so many webinars I’ve joined have been rubbish. Poor presentation, poor structure and poor sound have put me off. What’s more, the lack of immediate engagement when using webinar platforms clearly doesn’t help.

But the online meeting format (such as Zoom or Webex) might overcome this if the number of participants is kept low. At least this way there can be some interaction; and screen sharing means it is still possible to show slides or websites as required. But even so, an online meeting, whether for training, networking or committee purposes needs to be well facilitated.

For many of us that will mean adapting our current skills; and I guess learning from mistakes (others and our own) as we go along. It also means ensuring your home IT equipment and internet connection is fit for purpose; and that household sounds such as children, the TV or the dog are kept at bay.

After careful consideration and planning, I’m now ready to take my training online. So with no prospect of holding traditional events, Green Pepper is offering organisations bespoke online training for small groups. Please contact me if interested.

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