Managing home workers and protecting their wellbeing

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When the Covid-19 lockdown started, an immediate challenge for third sector organisations was how to provide continuing, but perhaps reconfigured services, to beneficiaries. The big increase in home-based working that followed was a necessary requirement. But in this period of rapid change, the organisational and practical issues of now managing home-based staff, and protecting their wellbeing, may not have been an immediate concern.

Since those early days, organisations will have adapted their approach, shaping and balancing their service delivery to fit needs and circumstances. But what about those practical issues? How are managers supervising and motivating their team? How are they coming to terms with the technology and dealing with the isolation team members may be facing?

In my last article, I warned against taking home-based workers for granted. But effective management is very much part of preventing such a problem. So I am running two free webinars, each lasting around 45 minutes, to help those responsible for their remote staff and volunteers. 

The first, on Thursday 11 June, will focus on management and motivation, covering issues such as staying in touch, supervision, policy and best practice.

The second, on Tuesday 16 June, will consider wellbeing, looking at issues such as work spaces, routines and mental health.

To sign-up for one or both free webinars, please follow the links below to the appropriate registration page:

Managing and Motivating Your Remote Team  11.00am. Thursday 11 June 2020

Protecting Your Remote Team Members’ Wellbeing  11.00am. Tuesday 16 June 2020

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