It’s not just free school meals. There is plenty more making me cross.

Do you ever take a step back and think, what on earth are they doing? I try not to let politics take centre stage on this blog but frankly, I despair at the current Westminster government and their band of Conservative MPs. Just look at some of their recent actions….

photo: child at window

Their attempts to show they are supporting free school meals in the holidays, when they clearly voted them down, is crass and dishonest. Who do they think they’re kidding? Not only that, it demonstrates a clear void in their understanding of what it means to be poor.

But it’s not just this issue that is getting me cross. There is, of course, plenty more. Take, for example, the supposed “world beating” test and trace system, albeit for England, that in reality, is a costly, centralised, privatised mess.

Then there is Brexit. The government wants new powers to break international law, and undermine the authority of the devolved governments. And if that isn’t enough, they recently blocked efforts to protect food standards in post-Brexit trade deals.

Of course, they get their power from a first-past-the-post electoral system that gives them a huge majority in parliament, even though more people voted for other parties. But if that isn’t enough, they are also attacking perceived barriers to their power in the legal profession (for upholding human rights), and in the legal process itself by seeking an end to judicial review.

Yes, Westminster are messing with poverty, public health, food standards, the law, and even how we are governed…. These are not sideshows. These are significant issues, yet Boris Johnson appears unconcerned that he is losing the confidence of former prime ministers, the House of Lords, Scotland, the medical profession, farmers, senior judges, businesses, civil society, and swathes of the public.

Clearly, the government has an agenda, but it is far from anything I could ever support.

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