It’s the same old Tories

Image of westminster parliament

So Johnson is going, but not it seems until September. Meanwhile, a host of other hard-right Tories are lining up to take over. This group enabled his demise, but are, of course, all previously loyal Johnson advocates. But despite defending “partygate”, these would-be prime ministers want to be trusted with running the country.

Almost all the candidates are promising immediate tax cuts and none seem set to soften an already hard Brexit. Perhaps not surprisingly, some are declaring their anti-woke credentials; and all appear happy to deport refugees to Rwanda.

Predictably, Tory attitudes towards Scotland remain unchanged. Hunt and Javid say they won’t “allow” another referendum on independence, despite the pro-referendum SNP/Green majority in Holyrood.

It really does look like business as usual.

But what about green policies? So far climate change hasn’t been mentioned; but then the Tories rarely deliver on the environment. Expect the usual greenwashing should it be raised.

Overall, this Tory-only contest is meaningless to most of us. The candidates are playing to the prejudices and pet hates of Conservative MPs and party members. Sure, after endless media coverage we’ll eventually get a new prime minister. But it will be the same Tories in government, pursuing the same awful policies.

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