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New conditions and safeguards for processing sensitive data…

Many organisations process what is now referred to as special category data; and depending upon the nature of their work, others will process criminal conviction data. The sensitive nature of such data has always meant that its processing was subject to more protection.  But with new data protection laws now in place, have the GDPR… Continue reading New conditions and safeguards for processing sensitive data…

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GDPR Resources

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) story didn't end on 25 May. Far from it, ensuring compliance continues indefinitely. Indeed, the GDPR provides individuals with an extended and ongoing set of rights in relation to the collection and processing of their personal data; and places an increased and ongoing level of transparency and accountability on organisations.… Continue reading GDPR Resources

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What you should know before applying for trust or grant funding

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File 30-10-2016, 11 20 16 Fundraising…where do I start?

So you want to make a difference, but need trust or grant funding to get your project off the ground. A good place to start is with one or more of the many funding organisations, of which the Big Lottery is perhaps the most well-known. There are a wide range of trust and similar funders, from the small to the large; and all will consider suitable applications for funding.

But is it as easy as it appears?

Sadly, seeking trust or grant funding generally requires more than a well-written letter. Even those organisations who have no formal application process, and who will accept written requests, have criteria that must be met before an application is considered. To complicate matters, some funders, albeit a minority, do not make their criteria particularly clear; and your fundraiser may need to delve deeper before you can proceed.

How then should…

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It isn’t always easy, but paid staff and charity trustees must work together

Charity trustees have come in for some stick recently. Inept trustees are driving chief executives out of the sector,  they interfere in fundraising, and as one anonymous chief executive put it, powerful trustees are a nightmare. Clearly the role of volunteer charity trustees invokes strong views. But the issue is nothing new, nor is it unique.… Continue reading It isn’t always easy, but paid staff and charity trustees must work together