Taking training online…to keep on working

Not surprisingly, there has been significant growth in the use of digital communication and other platforms as many of us adapt to working from home. So when it comes to training, a move to online delivery of courses is perhaps inevitable. To be honest, I've been somewhat reluctant to take this step due to the… Continue reading Taking training online…to keep on working


Can a webinar really replace a workshop?

There has to be a better way. Many of us spend far too long travelling to and from work, whether it's the daily commute, or travelling to a meeting or event. It’s not the first time I’ve felt like this, and it certainly isn’t an issue unique to me. But stuck in heavy traffic returning… Continue reading Can a webinar really replace a workshop?

Social Media, Training

Social media workshops: new dates

In partnership with local CVS organisations, Green Pepper has added two new dates for the popular workshop Promoting Your Organisation on Social Media. This workshop is aimed at those who use social media on behalf of their organisation, but have no marketing background. However, unlike previous workshops in this series, there will be a greater emphasis… Continue reading Social media workshops: new dates