Ethical leadership and management


For many organisations, ethical considerations are important. But in a challenging climate, especially if funding is tight, it is tempting to let ethics take more of a back seat. Yet we know that leading and managing ethically can improve overall organisational performance.

Green Pepper is an advocate of ethical leadership and management. As such we can help you embed an ethical approach into how your organisation is run. This can be through:

  • Consultancy (from general advice and information, to an on-site visit)
  • Training of trustees, leaders, managers and other staff
  • Coaching and mentoring of individuals

Green Pepper has developed a half day workshop that will provide the following outcomes:

Improved awareness and understanding of
(a) what is meant by ethical leadership and management,
(b) how ethics can affect staff, volunteers and other stakeholders,
(c) some practical ideas for leading and managing ethically; and
(d) the importance of embedding ethics into the workplace.

Please contact David for more information on ethical leadership and management.