A management role can be both exciting and daunting. Alongside responsibility and status there are decisions, problems, workload, and of course, engaging with staff. For new managers in particular, this can be very challenging.

For organisations, the skills and experience of a good manager can bring obvious benefits, but how do you build those skills and generate confidence?

This is where Green Pepper can help…

Green Pepper can provide half day workshops or longer events designed to

  • Increase the confidence of managers
  • Build trust and ethical behaviour
  • Raise awareness of how to motivate and engage with staff
  • Increase understanding of informal and formal procedures for resolving problems
  • Develop the skills needed to hold difficult conversations
  • Provide some practical solutions for managing workload and work-life balance
  • Raise awareness and understanding of the manager’s role in staff well-being

Coaching and Mentoring
Green Pepper can provide one-to-one coaching, on and off site, to help managers consider the challenges they face, and come up with strategies for dealing with them.

Further coaching sessions or training can be provided as required. But Green Pepper can also provide mentoring, via telephone or Skype/FaceTime for as long as is needed.

For more information and to discuss your organisation’s needs, please contact David.