Brexit explained (sort of)…

So tonight Parliament is having another attempt at reaching a consensus on Brexit. But whatever the outcome, the government is showing little sign that any alternatives would be acceptable. The loudest advocates for Brexit, a collection of neo-liberals and far-right activists, seem unlikely to settle for anything other than complete withdrawal from the EU without… Continue reading Brexit explained (sort of)…

Health & Safety

Effective charity management is the key to good health and safety

Sometimes ridiculed, sometimes completely ignored, often misunderstood. Yet health and safety is a vital everyday issue that needs to be managed. Because when it is properly managed, it isn’t complicated; and unless you are faced with some particularly high risk hazards, it does not require specialist equipment and highly involved procedures. So why do some… Continue reading Effective charity management is the key to good health and safety

Civil Society

My new year’s wish list

The festivities are over and civil society is back at work. So what, perhaps, might our hopes be for the year ahead?  Short of a major change in government policy, here is my own particular wish list…. That grant funders and public sector commissioners think longer term, allowing organisations to plan more effectively, innovate, develop,… Continue reading My new year’s wish list

Governance & Funding

Making the most of your fundraising message

In recent years, charities have come under increased scrutiny relating to their fundraising methods, the salaries of CEOs and the behaviour of charity workers (as in the case of Oxfam). Indeed, some sections of the media have been quite hostile; and so it is important that charities do whatever they can to maintain their focus… Continue reading Making the most of your fundraising message