Hero or Zero? Who has made the list?

I’ve been watching too much television! Those reviews of 2020, highlighting the many heroes we’ve created during the pandemic, prompted me to write about some heroes and zeros of my own for 2020. Without doubt, the impact of COVID-19 has demonstrated the enormous value of our health service workers, care workers, council workers, postal workers,… Continue reading Hero or Zero? Who has made the list?

Civil Society, Politics

A clear message must also give context and hope

The clouds are darkening as I write, but its not just the weather that looks bad. The recent growth in Coronavirus COVID-19 infections is worrying on pretty much every level. Although we should be better informed and better placed to tackle the latest spread, the UK government appears to be changing its messaging at an… Continue reading A clear message must also give context and hope

Health & Safety

Your COVID-19 Risk Assessment

In England, decisions on whether or not workplaces should reopen have passed from government to employers. Meanwhile, in Scotland a more cautious approach has seen homeworking remain the default position. Even so, in all the UK nations, more and more workplaces are opening as lockdown is eased. But Coronavirus (COVID-19) has not gone away; and… Continue reading Your COVID-19 Risk Assessment