Can a webinar really replace a workshop?

There has to be a better way. Many of us spend far too long travelling to and from work, whether it's the daily commute, or travelling to a meeting or event. It’s not the first time I’ve felt like this, and it certainly isn’t an issue unique to me. But stuck in heavy traffic returning… Continue reading Can a webinar really replace a workshop?

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“Brilliant, I’ve learnt loads”

There is a clear need for training on using social media to good effect in the voluntary and community sector. Green Pepper's programme of social media workshops have proved popular and the most recent event in Rugby, held in partnership with Warwickshire CAVA, saw an interested and engaged group of participants. The workshops have all… Continue reading “Brilliant, I’ve learnt loads”


Enthusiastic and engaging union reps

A weekend spent in a meeting room with a group of union reps may not sound particularly exciting, but it proved to be a most uplifting event. The engagement, enthusiasm and commitment shown by the eight reps present really underlined the value of trade unions and the positive contribution they make to modern workplaces. The… Continue reading Enthusiastic and engaging union reps

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Skills for new managers: half-day workshop

Being good at your job is rewarding; and it is certainly something that employers welcome. So much so in fact that it isn’t unusual for the good worker to become a new manager. After all, the good worker knows the ropes, is clearly capable; and always gets results. So surely management material? But moving into… Continue reading Skills for new managers: half-day workshop