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Your COVID-19 Risk Assessment

In England, decisions on whether or not workplaces should reopen have passed from government to employers. Meanwhile, in Scotland a more cautious approach has seen homeworking remain the default position. Even so, in all the UK nations, more and more workplaces are opening as lockdown is eased. But Coronavirus (COVID-19) has not gone away; and… Continue reading Your COVID-19 Risk Assessment


Don’t let the COVID-19 messaging lead to complacency

It is no understatement to describe the impact of Coronavirus COVID-19 as devastating. But we are now in a much better place than we were in April. Yet as we ease our way out of lockdown, there is surely a real risk of complacency. Messaging from the Scottish government on this has been clear...the virus… Continue reading Don’t let the COVID-19 messaging lead to complacency

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Preparing to move out of lockdown

With lockdown restrictions being eased, more organisations are looking at a return to the workplace. But any such return must be properly managed; and your staff and volunteers need to be properly consulted. Indeed, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, there are a range of factors to consider, including physical distancing, personal hygiene and cleaning… Continue reading Preparing to move out of lockdown