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Holyrood, charities and culture war

On 6 May Scotland will elect a new parliament. But you're forgiven for not noticing, given the lack of visible campaigning caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic. I've seen just one TV debate; and had a bundle of leaflets drop to the floor with my post (seven in one day!). But do the five parties… Continue reading Holyrood, charities and culture war

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A clear message must also give context and hope

The clouds are darkening as I write, but its not just the weather that looks bad. The recent growth in Coronavirus COVID-19 infections is worrying on pretty much every level. Although we should be better informed and better placed to tackle the latest spread, the UK government appears to be changing its messaging at an… Continue reading A clear message must also give context and hope

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Looking forwards with hope and trepidation

So my relocation to Scotland was completed last month; and I am now looking forwards to working with the local voluntary sector and other organisations that share my interest in social change. Firstly I need to build a network of contacts and hopefully schedule some workshops on topics that can help develop the skills and… Continue reading Looking forwards with hope and trepidation