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Looking forwards with hope and trepidation

So my relocation to Scotland was completed last month; and I am now looking forwards to working with the local voluntary sector and other organisations that share my interest in social change. Firstly I need to build a network of contacts and hopefully schedule some workshops on topics that can help develop the skills and… Continue reading Looking forwards with hope and trepidation

Civil Society

My new year’s wish list

The festivities are over and civil society is back at work. So what, perhaps, might our hopes be for the year ahead?  Short of a major change in government policy, here is my own particular wish list…. That grant funders and public sector commissioners think longer term, allowing organisations to plan more effectively, innovate, develop,… Continue reading My new year’s wish list


Can a webinar really replace a workshop?

There has to be a better way. Many of us spend far too long travelling to and from work, whether it's the daily commute, or travelling to a meeting or event. It’s not the first time I’ve felt like this, and it certainly isn’t an issue unique to me. But stuck in heavy traffic returning… Continue reading Can a webinar really replace a workshop?