Upcoming events


Here is a list of all the upcoming events in which Green Pepper is involved. For more information please contact David.

Promoting Your Organisation on Social Media
25 January 2018, Peterborough
31 January 2018, Bedford

7 March 2018, Swadlincote

A half day training workshop
This workshop will help participants to become more confident in using social media to market their organisation, whether that be for events, campaigns or more generally to raise awareness.  For more details, and to book your place for just £29 via Eventbrite, please see:
25 January 2018 Tickets for Peterborough
31 January 2018 Tickets for Bedford
7 March 2018 Tickets for Swadlincote

Comments from the first social media workshop, held in July, included:

“Very worthwhile, and covered all aspects.”

“Informative, good resources, professional.”

“Professional and easy to understand”

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Using Social Media to Promote Your Fundraising
5 March 2018, Leicester
9 March 2018, Rugby

A half-day training workshop
This workshop looks at how to use social media more effectively in order to raise the profile of your organisation’s fundraising activities and in particular, attract more visitors to your existing fundraising website page. It is for those who use social media to promote fundraising for their organisation.
5 March, Leicester Tickets £37 from Eventbrite
9 March, Rugby Tickets £32 from Eventbrite

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Skills for New Managers
22 February 2018, Peterborough

A half-day training workshop
That first managerial role brings much responsibility, but can be daunting and challenging. This workshop is designed to help build confidence by covering issues such as building trust and communicating effectively with your team. This would suit new and aspiring managers, volunteer coordinators, and team leaders.
22 February Tickets £29 from Eventbrite

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Difficult Conversations and Resolving Conflict
27 February 2018, Leicester

A half-day training workshop
This course considers how best to prepare for and conduct a difficult conversation with the aim of resolving conflict.
27 February Tickets £29 from Eventbrite

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Understanding the GDPR
22 March 2018, Peterborough

A half-day training workshop
This workshop looks at what the GDPR means for organisations and what they need to do. It would suit trustees, leaders, managers, fundraisers, marketing staff, HR staff, and staff representatives
22 March Tickets £32 from Eventbrite