Upcoming events


Here is a list of all the upcoming events that Green Pepper is running…..

Avoiding Social Media Meltdowns
News, information and opinion travel fast on social media. But so do problems. This workshop looks at what can go wrong, how individuals and organisations can better protect themselves from the pitfalls and maintain professional standards online.
25 November 2018, South Derbyshire CVS, Swadlincote. Tickets: £29 from Eventbrite

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Running Effective Meetings
Have you ever been to a meeting and thought it was a waste of time? This course looks at how to make meetings work better for the organiser and the attendees.
6 November 2018, CVS Bedfordshire Tickets: £29 from Eventbrite

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Difficult Conversations and Resolving Conflict
This half-day workshop considers how best to prepare for and conduct a difficult conversation with the aim of resolving conflict. It is suitable for trustees, managers, supervisors, fundraisers, volunteer co-ordinators, staff and others who may have to deal with conflict with or between individuals
15 November 2018, CVS Bedfordshire: SOLD OUT
29 November  2018, South Derbyshire CVS, Swadlincote: Tickets £29 from Eventbrite
4 December 2018, CASE, Leicester: Tickets £29 from Eventbrite

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Motivating Staff and Volunteers
This workshop looks at ways organisations can boost the involvement and enthusiasm of staff and volunteers so they are properly motivated.
21 November 2018, CASE, Leicester: Tickets £29 from Eventbrite

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Health and Safety For Small Charities
This workshop provides an overview of a charity or voluntary organisation’s duties towards staff, volunteers and the public; and looks at the organisational and management steps necessary to make safety compliance a reality.
6 December 2018, CVS Bedfordshire: Tickets £29 from Eventbrite

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Note: Personal data is collected in order to deliver these events. For information please see the Green Pepper Privacy Policy. Further events will appear once scheduled. For more information please contact Green Pepper’s trainer,  David Green.