Upcoming events


Here is a list of all the upcoming events in which Green Pepper is involved. For more information please contact David or the individual event provider.

Promoting Your Organisation on Social Media
5 October, Leicester
18 October, Rugby
22 November, Swadlincote
30 November, Nottingham

A half day training workshop
This workshop will help participants to become more confident in using social media to market their organisation, whether that be for events, campaigns or more generally to raise awareness.  For more details, and to book your place for just £29 via Eventbrite, please see:
5 October Tickets for Leicester.
18 October Tickets for Rugby
22 November Tickets for Swadlincote
30 November Tickets for Nottingham

Comments from the last event included:

“Very worthwhile, and covered all aspects.”

“Informative, good resources, professional.”

“Professional and easy to understand”

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Skills for New Managers
7 November, Leicester

A half day training workshop  
Designed to build the confidence of new managers, this introductory workshop will offer practical solutions. It will consider what it means to lead and manage; and will look at ways to communicate with, engage and motivate staff. Throughout, the emphasis will be on best practice in order to harness the enthusiasm and trust of those you manage. Tickets cost £29.

Tickets from Eventbrite

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Motivating Staff and Volunteers
28 November, Leicester

A half day training workshop
This workshop looks at ways organisations can boost the involvement and enthusiasm of staff and volunteers so they are properly motivated. It would suit anyone involved in leading your organisation, aspiring leaders, managers, and those responsible for staff or volunteer development. Tickets cost £29.

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