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Set up by David Green, Green Pepper Consulting is a social enterprise providing training, advice and written communications to organisations working for social change. It specialises in social media, improving working relationships and communications, an ethical approach to leadership and management, and organisational well-being.

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Green Pepper wants to help organisations achieve their social goals through a working environment where diversity, creativity and learning are valued; and where well-being and effective employee and volunteer engagement are part of the working culture. But just as the workplace matters, so too does the wider environment. So Green Pepper also supports those working for the common good to achieve sustainable, democratic and fair communities.


To help organisations working for social change to enhance the well-being, engagement and enthusiasm of their staff and volunteers through ethical leadership and management, training, good communications and employment relations best practice.


Green Pepper works with a wide range of local charities, branches of large charities,  infrastructure organisations, and community groups. Green Pepper also works with social enterprises, local authorities and trade union organisations.

Data Protection

Green Pepper cares about your data. Please see the Privacy Policy for details.